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The power of bedrock stone warms you up from the core of your body, It makes your skin so smooth. Your mind will be refreshed as your stress disperses!
Bedrock Bath produces adequate perspiration on you by the ultra-red ray effect and induces the relaxation in your body by spouting of negative ion. Because gMeaning of Good sweath links to the improvement of immune strength of body, it makes your body strong and healthy preventing you from being infected by bacteria and germs. gSweatingh is effective for detoxing and improves your base metabolism. It is a featured bathing method.
Bedrock Bath of Fitness Club Hiroo is equipped with gair aromah system in order to enhance the relaxation effect at Aromatherapy.
air aroma@F hair aromah is an integrated aroma diffusion(automatic spreader) system provided by @aroma Co., Ltd, It is a generic name of Aroma space design.
qThe Effect of Bedrock Bathr
The effectiveness of far infrared ray
The immune strength of body will improve as cells of your body will be activated and the stream of blood & the lymphatic gland will be improved by bathing far infrared ray. It is also effective for your skin.
(Improves on headache, stiff shoulder, skin roughness and constipation)
The effectiveness of Negative Ion
The far infrared ray and the negative ion are produced from the bedrock in Bedrock Bath. Negative Ion is effective for relaxation and healing. By arranging lights, music and scent, its effectiveness can be heightened.
The effectiveness for anti-aging
Because the internal metabolism and sweat function being stimulated by Bedrock Bath, a large quantity of good sweat will be drained. The unnecessary waste materials will be egested with sweat. gGood Sweath is said as a natural cosmetic and it gives you moderate moisture to your skin.
The effectiveness for diet
Bedrock Bath is recommended for improving the basal metabolism without putting an extra load on you. As the basal metabolism means an ability of natural body metabolism, you can expect the effectiveness for diet from this active movement of basal metabolism.
Detox Effect
Detox Effect means to get rid of unnecessary scientific materials from your body. The diaphoresis by Bedrock Bath becomes Detox Effect and effects on keeping you fit.
@q How to use Bedrock Bath r
Please change into Bedrock Bathing Costume.
Then, enter the bedrock bath with a bathing towel, a hand towel to wipe sweat and a bottle of water for hydration.
Drink a lot of water before Bedrock Bath.
Please lay a bathing towel on the rock and place a hand towel on the pillow. Now lie down.
Because of using a bathing towel, a comfortable temperature will propagate over your body.
Bathing g5 minutes for face-down and 10 minutes for facing upwardh is recommended.
Please relax and feel at home while you are bathing.
For your note, please be careful of too long use of bathing as it will cause you feeling ill from such as dehydration and a possible low-temperature burns.
After 15 minutes bathing, please take a break.
Do not forget a rehydration! Even you are not thirsty, make sure that you take a glass of water.
By drinking water, the oxygen will circulate deep into the cells. This improves the streams of capillary and lymphatic vessel, then improves the blood circulation.

By not putting make-up or fragrance, sweat will come out from your face. This enhances the effect for skin!
Sweat which comes out during Bedrock Bath has a lot of moisturizing ingredient, therefore it has no unpleasant characteristic smell of sweat. Because it is the sweat nearest to water which do not drain necessary mineral in vain, just wiping it is enough. When you take a shower, we recommend you shower down the sweat without using such as soaps.
Make g15 minutes bathing +5 minutes breakh as one cycle and repeat 2 to 3 times. This will bring you higher effect.

If you feel ill while bathing, please stop bathing immediately without any pushing.

q NOTES on the use r
Your own bath towel is allowed. But wearing our rental bathrobe is compulsory.
Please refrain from using T-shirt, bathing robe and underwear.
Please refrain from bathing if you are in beneath conditions.
Hungry, Gastric filling, exhausted from exercise, drunk, pregnant, in the period, having heart problem or using pacemaker.
q Price for rental bathrobe r

One Time
(including tax)
coupon ticket for 11 times
iincluding taxj
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