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Gym Training
Abundant Lineups and plenty numbers of machines will accommodate your trainings as much as you want with no-waiting time.
When you talk about a fitness club, Gym is the fundament.
gFitness Club Hirooh initially gave our crucial thought on that fundament.
Our answer to it is ga top-class machine facility in Tokyoh.
Our resident trainers will give you a plain explanation of gHow to Use Machinesh. So please ask them with no hesitation.
q Introduction for Gym facility (machines and others) r
Various Weight Machines@First recommendation!
We have various machines, so that you can train your whole body well-balanced. Our resident trainers will guide you how to use them and how to train yourself. So please ask them with no hesitation.
Free Weight
This is a free weight zone for full-scale training which only limited Gyms have the facility in Tokyo. You can set load freely, so that it provides various trainings which weight machine cannot accommodates. It is so suitable for people who are not satisfied with weight machines! You can expect improvement more than machines!
Aerobic machine@It is effective for fat burning!
We have Running Machines, Aerobic Bicycles and Cross Trainers. There are plenty of such machines, so that you can use them without waiting. Normally aerobic exercise becomes monotonous, but each machine of these has a TV. Now you will enjoy your training forgetting time-being!
Stretch Space
You can use this space for stretching yourself before and after of your training or for exercises using balls.
q Introduction for trainings r
We are introducing you typical effective training examples accordingly to your purpose.
Please ask casually to our trainers for details!
Belly;@in order to obtain healthy tightened stomach
`Musculus Rectus Abdominis`
This muscle has a deep relation with your posture and Pelvic degree of leaning. Upper part and lower part have different ways of training. It is recommended to train both parts in good balance.
qEffective trainingr Crunch/Leg raise
Tightening legs;@Correct training for lower body leads to a better basal metabolism
`Quadriceps Femoris Muscle, Hamstrings`
This muscle relates to a movement of squat. As training it, its operation enlarges. Therefore, this muscle is essential for a better basal metabolism.
It is effective for men to make a stable lower body and is effective on tightening thigh and hips for women.
qEffective trainingr Leg Press
Tightening Upper arms;@Concerning upper arms which are difficult to train in daily life.
`Triceps Brachii Muscle`
This muscle is used when you extend your arm from folded position. Specially the base part of arm is difficult to be conscious in daily life. It is an indispensable muscle for making tightened Upper arms.
qEffective trainingr Cable Press Down
Back;@Strengthening back leads to a amelioration for stiff shoulder and low back pain.
`Musculus Latissimus Dorsi`
People practice a lot of desk work tend to move less of muscle around scapula. If this muscle declines, it causes stiff shoulder, stoop and low back pain. Ladies can aim for gSharp Back Beautyh. And Men can aim for gBody of the Inverse Triangleh.
qEffective Trainingr Lat Pull Down
Tightening Hips;@In order to improve flabby buttocks to attractive buttocks
`Gluteus Maximus`
This muscle relates deeply to the pelvic degree of leaning. The movements of kicking to behind and raising thigh to high position will improve this muscle. You use this muscle when you walk up the stairs. If you continue this training, you can expect better shaped hips.
qEffective Trainingr Back Kick and Knee Up
q Personal Programs utilizing Gymfs facility r
This is our service which Authorized Personal Trainer with extensive knowledge and instruction technology suggests you gman to man training programh based on your personal counseling (B.O.C.A./Body Measurement of Formation). We suggest and guide you with the best training accordingly to each memberfs purpose, experience, physical fitness and age. Therefore, even a member who is new to the training at Gym can comfortably use the facility. It is also recommended to people who have been training in self-taught manner.
Please feel the overwhelming effect of exercising the correct muscle on the correct load.
B.O.C.A. is to measure the height, the weight, quantity of body water, protein. Bone mass, fat mass, muscle. From the result of the above, it will be the basement to know your body objectively. This result is used for creating and practicing the best training.
Personal Training
Our staff gives you careful instruction of gman to man trainingh as he/she keeps communicating with a member. As the same trainer instructs the training, he/she is possible to suggest adequate training accordingly to memberfs condition. If you wish a higher-level training or if you have clear target and request, we will suggest gthe man-to-man trainingh with the specialist of personal training whom we select carefully and invite. There are many trainers registered with us, who have various careers and unique personalities. We assure your satisfaction.
Personal Stretch
At the stretch space in the gym, our authorized trainers support and help members to stretch. Please relax your whole body and reset yourself.
We are sure that you will feel overwhelming effect comparing to when you stretch by yourself.
y Fee z
30 mins. : \4,000. (\4,400. Including VAT) ~
60 mins. : \8,000. (\8,800. Including VAT) ~
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