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Hot Program
It is a genuine hot studio offering various programs.
“Temperature” and “Humidity” are difference from normal studio programs. The studio keeping 38℃ of temperature and 65% of humidity presents an environment in which muscle flexibility is at its most and you perspire even being there still.
The hot program which you practice in this studio as supplying water constantly will give you not only better body flexibility and metabolism as widening motion range of muscle and joints more than normal even you sweat abundantly. Furthermore, we can expect the detox effect by large quantity of sweating.
We are offering various courses so that people with stiff truncus or people have less stamina can try accordingly to their own not forcing.
Please enjoy exhilarating feeling of perspiring and snugly feeling of loosen up both body and mind.

※Visitors are welcome to the hot program.

〈 Effectiveness of Hot Program 〉

Modern people tend to fail to a keeping body cold lifestyle because of the change in life habit.
Water surplus intake, shower taking only, low temperature air conditioning room, these factors keep you in low-temperature and it brings various symptoms occurred.

 ・Easy to catch a cold as the immunity drops
  ・Poor concentration
  ・Easy to get tired
  ・Headache, stiff shoulder, edema, menoxenia, etc.

This tendency appears especially on ladies and the number of ladies who are troubled with the change and the disorder of body has significantly increased.
He importance of keeping body warm has been medically proven and it is effective for people who have the above symptoms.
Furthermore, by relaxing your body in the warm studio, you can expect high effectiveness for stress reduction and mind care.
Hot program arrestives people’s attention as a right matching hygiene of health care.

  〈 Contents of Programs 〉  
Hot Yoga  
45 mins.
60 mins.

By perspiring in a warm Hot Studio, the effectiveness of Detox and flexibility will be heightened. Furthermore, practicing longer time than normal lesson, you can form pauses by taking more time.

HOT Belly & Yoga  
45 mins.
belly dance movement in the second half. As you move muscle around pelvis, it is effective on around belly and diet! People who are not experienced Belly Dance can also join. Please soak yourself into an exotic mood of 45 mins.
Abundant Sweating
& Releasing Fascia
45 mins.
As loosening your whole body by using Fascia releasing roller in HOT Studio, blood circulation will become better and you can easily sweat than normal! People wanting to be refreshed from tiredness & stiffness and People wanting to get a lot of sweat, please join us!!
〈 Our request when you participate HOT PROGRAM 〉
※Please bring your own bathing towel. (We practice Hot Program on a laid towel. We lay a towel on a mat when you practice Hot Yoga.)
※You will sweat a lot, so please hydrate constantly.
※Please bring towels for wiping sweat.
※Please refrain joining the program if you feel strange physical condition.
※Please take a break outside of the studio if you feel sick or too much physical burden from the program.
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