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Site Policy/Privacy Policy
This Website is owned and run by Fitness Club Hiroo.
ŸUse and Copyright
This Website, and each of its modules, pages or any information contained herein, is the copyrighted property of Fitness Club Hiroo. None of the content or data found on this Website may be reproduced, published, distributed, transferred, sold, or modified without the express written permission of Fitness Club Hiroo.
Do not make any links without our permission. We are not liable to any damage by doing so. This site may contain links to other Websites. Fitness Club Hiroo shall not be responsible for the content of any other Web sites and makes no representation or warranty regarding any other Websites, or the contents or materials on such Websites. If users decide to access other Websites they do so at their own risk.
ŸRecommended Environment
Windows Internet Explore 5.5 and above and Mackintosh Internet Explorer 5.x and above are recommended to view and use this Website. Other browser may not give you the full access and usage of this Website. Please also note that forms to be sent to us may not be properly transferred.
Contact the following address if you have any inquiry on this Site Policy.
Fitness Club Hiroo
Hiroo Complex Building 2, 3 and 4th floors 5-7-35 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0012
Tel: 03-5448-9970
ƒPrivacy Policy„
Fitness Club Hiroo practices every laws and regulations regarding the personal information collected. We manage and protect the information and declare continuous improvement of the management and collection system. The Policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect, use and safeguard the personal information you provide to us and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our site and our service.
Privacy here means any information such as names, birth dates, resident addresses, phone numbers, mail addresses and any other specific materials including photos that can identify a person.
ŸInformation Collection
We only collect a personal information to offer appropriate services. We disclose the reason and usage objectives when we do so but limit the information area to collect for the purpose only.
ŸUse of Information
We do not use and disclose any collected information except the area we have an agreement with sender. We may have to submit it when law and authority request us.
ŸInformation Management
A. We make reasonable measures to prevent loss, ruin, falsification, illegal access and leak.
B. When this privacy policy service is transferred to other management company, we draw out a contract to instruct and manage the company to appropriately treat and use the agreed information we have collected.


ŸDisclosure of Your Information
A. We never disclose any personal information without consent of the person except demanded by a legitimate reason.
B. When disclosure, correction and change of contents and elimination are requested by submitter himself, we will respond as quick as possible within a reasonable period.
We always follow the compliance regulation on privacy protection and continuously review and improve the system for the appropriate application.
This Website may have links with other Website but we are not responsible for any collection, management and handling of the personal information collected by those third-party Websites.
Please ask Club reception for inquiries on this Privacy Policy and elimination and alteration of the personal information submitted.
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