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Beauty Spa
Fitness Club Hioo is suggesting plans which can effectively approach various targets of members by using every advantage of Jim, Studio programs and Spa. We assure you to feel an evolution in improving to healthy and beautiful body.
Please let your daily stress go and enjoy spending for relaxing moment.
SPA Salon can be used by visitors, too.
salon menu ENDERMOLOGIE オイルトリートメント 立体小顔フェイシャル デクレオール
    By using French made “ENDERMOLOGIE” which is recognized for an effect on cellulite, this treatment will support a beautiful body line as improving the metabolism, edema, cellulite and slack of the skin.    
This treatment is recommended for people who have troubles such as below,
・A lower part of the body gains weight, edema, cold sensitivity
・Edema on hips, belly, upper arm
・hard to loose weight against regular exercise, drop of the metabolism
・Unevenness and edema of general skin
・Weak blood circulation, stiff shoulder
What is the cellulite?

Because of weak blood circulation, chronicity of edema and drop of metabolism, adipose cell becomes hypertrophy with adhesion of waste material. This is Cellulite.
Symptom showing unevenness of surface of skin means cell has considerably enlarged.
Stubborn cellulite tends to adhere to belly, hip, thigh, calf and upper arm, and it is said that the massage is only solution for this problem.
    Characteristics of ENDERMOLOGIE    
    It is said that “Endermologie” is only effective “thinning figure medical treatment” towards Cellulite. Endermologie activates lymph and the blood circulation all over the body, and it removes Cellulite. Endermologie is also an ideal treatment not only for beauty but also health.    
    Effectiveness of ENDERMOLOGIE    
    Because Eendermologie improves lymph and blood circulation, stiffness of all body is loosen and you can relax in feeling of pleasant massage. Improvement for partial thinning can be expected and it is indeed an effective beauty treatment on Cellulite which is generally recognized as “tough to get rid of”. By being treated, the metabolism is activated. Therefore, it is possible to get rid of not only Cellulite but also metabolic decomposition product being adhered in body. Because it is effective for helping and improving both renaturation and condition of skin, moisture and tension on ski will become remarkable.    
    ENDERMOLOGIE and Training    
    Within 2 to 3 hours after a treatment of ENDERMOLOGIE, your body’s metabolism is high and easy to burn fat. Fat and waste materials being resolved by Endermologie start circulting your body. While you are in this condition, metabolic decomposition product are egested and fat is burnt if you do training (aerobic exercise) and take a lot of hydration.    
  ◆ENDERMOLOGIE 60mins.      

Aiming for an ideal and healthy body line.

<Normal Fare>
One time/60 mins.
(With Tax.)
(With Tax.)
<Coupon Tickets>
8 Times.
(With Tax.)
(With Tax.)
16 Times.
(With Tax.)
(With Tax.)
32 Times.
(With Tax.)
(With Tax.)
【Our request when you use ENDERMOLOGIE】
This salon is by appointment only. Please make your reservation in advance.
Men can also use the salon. Please make your reservation in advance.
Counseling time is not included in treatment time. Please prepare for additional 20 minutes when you are taking the treatment for the first time.
According to your physical condition, you may not be able to receive your requesting treatment. Please kindly understand.
Please try to make your arrival by 5 minutes before your reservation time. The treatment may become shorter if you are late for the reservation time. Please kindly understand.
If you are only using SPA Salon, you are required for neither enrolling fee nor annual membership fee.
All prices showing is including v.a.t.
Content of treatment and fee can be changed without advance notice. Please kindly understand.
People who are applicable to the conditions below;
- Under the pregnancy
- Within 6 months after giving birth
- person carrying atopy or allergy may not be treated.
【Inquiry and Reservation】
【Business Hour】
Mon. ~ Fri. 10:00〜20:00
(Last Admission 19:00)
Sat. 10:00〜22:00
(Last Admission 21:00)
Sun. & Bank Holiday 12:00〜18:00
(Last Admission 17:00)

SPA Salon is also closed on closing days of Fitness Club Hioo.
※The date with 2 (such as 2nd, 12th, 22nd ) is closing day.
※There will be also temporary closing day for the building maintenance.

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