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Total Fitness
The way of thinking called “The Total Fitness”
As for leading our members to reach their goals efficiently, Fitness Club Hiroo introduces the idea of “The Total Fitness” which cooperates programs cross over between Gym and studio.
The cross over scheme using programs between Gym and Studio.
Although there are some existing fitness clubs which have Anaerobics training gym and Aerobic studio programs, there was no cross over scheme of using both. In case of using both gym and studio, members are requested to plan by themselves for a combination and effect from doing so. And the consequence was not always achieving to an effective training in regarding to members’ targets.
As realizing such circumstances, we Fitness Club Hiroo has started an activity suggesting the idea of “Gym Training + Studio Programs = Total Fitness”.
Specialist Staff of our club will suggest the efficient and effective plans being capable for approaching to our members targets by using skillful command of both Gym and Studio programs.
By combining the gym training and the studio programs, we assure that our members will realize the efficient result which you have not experienced in the conventional training.
“Want to obtain a lean silhouette without putting muscles on” or “I want anyhow to get out from being Metabolic Syndrome”, please talk to our staff whatever purpose you have.
無料!サポートプログラム 1stサポートシステム
Fitness Club Hiroo suggests every enrolling member about the usage of the facilities and the way of training by the order-made menu matching to individual needs for members to feel the effects of exercise joyously.
※This accommodates the newly enrolled members who wishes this service (free of charge)
【the procedure of Body Conditioning】

By providing new members with the manners in the facility, the counseling for the purpose & the target and the body measurement, we will make the training menu matching to each member.

STEP2、Personal Training
According to the counseling provided in the orientation, we try to give members the improvement on their postures, edema and frigidity as needed. For achieving member’s targets, we will give members the guidance for effective use of the machines even under the condition of self-training.

STEP3、Relaxation Stretch
・Improvement on flexibility
・member can experience the relaxation stretch which is recommended for fatigue recovering

〜After finishing Body Conditioning〜
 ・member who is anxious on self-training
 ・member who wants to feel a firm effect
 ・member who feels difficulty to continue the training being alone
  For the above cases, you can choose the comfortable personal training! (fee is charged)

※【B.O.C.A.(Body Measurement of Formation)】
We will provide all new members with B.O.C.A. diagnosis for free.
B.O.C.A. is to measure the height, the weight, quantity of body water, protein. Bone mass, fat mass, muscle. From the result of the above, you will know about your body objectively. Providing the results of them, it is possible to create the best training menu for each member.
Let you start the training from knowing your own body by the numerical value.

Please enquiry our staff about the enrollment.
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