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Not sure if exercises are for you? Do you feel incompetent to keep up your motivation? Reading through our introduction is probably not enough to accurately understand what we can offer. Do not hesitate to take full advantage of our one-day trial which you can enjoy our facility for 2hours, or if your time is limited we can take you to a free quick tour.

Ÿ Free Tour
Our staff will show you around the facility with detailed information and explanations of each equipment and studio. You can also experience BOCA measurement which gives you specific ideas of your body condition.
What's B.O.C.A.H
How To Sign Up:
Please make an appointment by calling us directly, or simply fill out the application form below. When applying, please be prepared to provide full name, age, desired time/date and specific requests if any.
TELF03-5448-9970@application form
ŸOne Day Trial (Fees Apply)
Our fee for one-day trial is very competitive. You can simply bring yourself to fully enjoy your health-day at Fitness Club Hiroo. And the best part is that you will get a full refund of trial fee if you join the membership the same day.
Ÿ Trial Fee: 3,240 (maximum 2hours)
2hours access to the facility including every fitness machine/equipment, studio programs, the hot stone spa, jacuzzi and etc.
Ÿ What's More?
All rental items are included: A towel set (big and small), sportswear, training shoes and spa gown (for the hot stone spa).
How to apply
* The trial time of your wish is subject to be changed due to other reservations.
* Just bring yourself except your pair of socks.
* Please settle the trial charge in cash when you first come.
TELF03-5448-9970@application form
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