Last modified: Sep.25th 2021

We open at 7AM.@


yFurther Business Policyz

Thank you for using Fitness Club Hiroo.

In response to the declaration of a state of emergency, we revised some parts of our policy. We are thoroughly countermeasures against the COVID 19.


ŸSpecial Offer by September 30thŸ

Special offer for those who join our club right after day enrolls in a trial session.

The first visit first offer for 20 people by September 30th

Special Offer 1, Initiation Fee \33,000¨0

Special Offer 2, Handling Fee \5,500 Yen¨0

Special offer 3, first monthly fee¨0

Special Offer 4. \3,300 discount for every monthly fee.

Special Offer 5. Two times free personal training lessons in the private room.

Letfs get in shape with us!


ŸUpdated Reservation System (Choose Your Favorite Spot) Ÿ

Please choose a spot when you make a reservation for your studio lesson.

Learn More

* We may have to either change or cancel scheduled lessons depending on the unstable conditioning of the state of emergency. As soon as we decide to change our lesson schedule, we ensure that we will inform the revised information.*


ŸStudio Lesson Schedule for Anniversary DatesŸ

Here is the link for the studio schedule for September 20th, Click Here

Here is the link for the studio schedule for September 23th, Click Here

 We are looking for helping you achieve your fitness goal!


ŸGuidelines for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19Ÿ

Learn more about our COVID prevention, Click Here


ŸAre Holding Event for Those Who Are Interested in Fitness Club HirooŸ

You can choose from ‡@ or ‡A to try your first experience at Fitness Club Hiroo.

‡@Personal Training¨@most popularI

In order to achieve your fitness goal, our certified trainer help you train efficiently with a lot of considerations and joy.

You can choose the lesson menu depending on your purpose from the following.

1. Get yourself back into a shape

2, Muscle-strengthening exercise

3, Improvement shoulder and lower back pain

If you are interested in trying personal training, click here

‡AHot Yoga

Not only helping you burn calories, but also improves your constitution, cold sensitivity, detoxification, and nourishment of your skin.

If you are interested in trying hot yoga, click here

yTrial Feez

Only for whom living in Minato-ku, Shibuya-ku, Meguro-ku.

You get discounts \3,300 to1,100 (including rental fitness wear)

Voice of Experiencer

It was a great experience with a generous fitness trainer.

I could try various machines with one on one lessons and felt stress-free.

A hot yoga teacher taught me detail with a simple expression.

Clean facility with great stuff.

The facility with bedrock spa and hot yoga is interesting.


ŸGreat@Deal with Joining PairŸ

You have a chance to get a reward when you join with your family and friends

Special offer ‡@. For your every visit, we provide you a bottle of water for a half year.

Special offer ‡A. You can have a ticket worth 3,000

Letfs start your fitness journey with your family and friends.


ŸItfs Time to Take Our Facility TourŸ

We provide you suggestions based on what you worry about, desire for, and anything you would like to ask us to achieve your fitness goal.

Please feel free to visit.

 To make a reservation for our facility tour, click here


ŸWeb Reservation System for Personal TrainingŸ

Please log in from the following link to make a reservation for your personal training. 
Log in
Your ID number and pin code are required to log in

Pw: birth year/ month/ day

(e.g. 19600101)

For more information, click here


ŸWeb Reservation System for Studio LessonŸ

Please log in from the following link to make a reservation for your studio lesson.

Your ID number and pin code are required to log in.

Pw: birth year/ month/ day

(e.g. 19600101)

For more user guide, click here

For your first log-in your account, please change your password for your safety. (No need to reset your password after your second log-in.

ŸFor more information on your online reservation system@click here


ŸAfter Becoming a Member of Fitness Club HirooŸ

We understand that it is anxious to keep pursuing your fitness goal all by yourself. After joining Fitness Club Hiroo, we offer you a special program according to information coming from counseling. Then, you will have the first 45 minutes of personal training, including 15 minutes of orientation.


ŸWeb Reservation System for Esthetic And Hair Removal SalonŸ

You can make a reservation for an esthetic and hair removal salon from the website.

ŸTo make a reservation for esthetic salon, click here

*For those who have previous course thicket by March 2021, please make a phone call to make a reservation


 ŸReservation for a hair removal salon, click here


ŸYouTube ChannelŸ

We started uploading home exercise videos with a variety of famous instructor at Fitness Club Hiroo

Click here to check our channel


ŸUpdated information of our policy and term of serviceŸ

Under the careful reviewing of our policy and term of service, we revised some of them

Click here to check our policy

Click here to check ou term of service


ŸOur closing date for SeptemberŸ

Closing Dates: Every 2, 12, 22th of the month.